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Providing individualized treatments to optimize your bodies restorative nature.

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Amie Hagan
Licensed Massage Therapist

I thrive to provide a safe and open space where the client feels comfortable to communicate their needs while tuning into and becoming more aware of their own body. I structure my sessions based on both what I have learned clinically as well as what I feel into intuitively with each client. This allows me to create the perfect balance of relaxation and therapeutic relief.


Back Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Amie is a great massage therapist who is very knowledgeable and is willing to go the extra mile for her clients! She worked around my specific needs and followed up the next day as well. I highly recommend!

Nate G.


I just cant say enough about Amie's approach and abilities as a massage therapist. She is genuine and reflects this with how much she really loves what she does. She truly wants to help others feel their optimal and have the tools to do so. She doesn't just give you a massage and say goodbye....unless that's what you want she will read into it and honor that also.....but she takes the extra attention to chat and give you simple tools to take home with you. She cares and it shows and is felt!!

Kimberly C.

I have been a client of Amie's for a couple of months now. She is by far the best massage therapist I have had. For me the most important thing when seeing someone is their willingness to listen and ask follow up questions. She knocks that out of the park. In today's world people most often go through the motions and do just enough to say they provided the service. Amie is just the opposite, she provides the best personalized service possible. If you are interested in massage therapy I highly recommend you give Amie a call, you wont regret it.

Ralph G.


Cell: 603-312-0849    |


Tuesday and Thursday  12:00pm - 6:30pm

 Friday  10:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday 10:00am - 3:00pm

Closed Monday, Sunday, and Wednesday


Rochester, NH: Office located within Crosser Chiropractic in the Rochester Professional Park at 60 Rochester Hill Rd, Ste. 9. Enter through the last door toward the back of the parking lot. Follow the signs for Crosser Chiropractic up the stairs and to the left. You don't need to check in at the front desk. Simply go down the hallway to the first door on the left. If my office door is shut I am either finishing with a client or lunch. I will be with you shortly.  Call/text me at 603-312-0849 If you have trouble finding my location..

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