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My Background

I earned my massage therapy degree from Hesser College in 2006. While in school I had the opportunity to massage a local football team and fell in love with sports massage and how subtle changes in the connective tissues can have a huge effect on an athletes performance and well being. 

I've since then helped out at grappling tournaments to help team members at a local MMA gym. This is not only fun, but an incredible way to continue hands on training for myself as there is always room to grow and expand my skills.

Over the last couple years my background has grown to that of the subtle energy body. I am fascinated by how trauma and our belief systems can have an impact on how our physical body feels.

In the beginning of 2022 I completed a certification in Lymphatic Drainage and deep tissue for frozen shoulder. 

I love learning and is something I will continue to do every year. I am schedule for a intensive weeklong training in medical massage in May of 2023. 


My Approach

 I understand the human body functions optimally with a variety of tools and approaches and that's why I offer Therapeutic Massage. I utilize a combination of swedish massage and deep tissue techniques, neuromuscular massage, fascia scraping, and mobility work to optimize the body's restorative nature. At the end of each session I will discuss self-care techniques and supply a treatment plan as needed per client.

I use both what I've learned clinically and intuitively components with the subtle body energy to treat each client individually. With subtle body energy I may either upon request or intuitively discuss this in relation to the clients current state of being within a session, while keeping the focus around therapeutic touch.

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